Hi, I am Nova Wahl.

Why am I a photographer? Because of you. Your life, your love, is beautiful. Capturing the most magical moments of your life and turning your love into art is a profound privilege. 

People ask me sometimes why I’m not a landscape photographer. I tried that once. But rocks and trees don’t compare to capturing the effervescent emotions that sparkle in your eyes. They don’t make me smile when I look at the back of the camera, knowing I just preserved something special you will treasure for a lifetime. Rocks don’t really care that much about their photos. Except for engagement rings. I’m pretty sure those rocks know they look good on camera.

Life is wondrous. Life is beautiful. Let’s capture that forever.



“My husband and I both agree that a lot of people would like to be photographers. But that’s not the same as actually having the artistic skill to pull it off. Nova has that skill, that “eye”, and I truly think she’s an amazing photographer. Nova did the photos for our 25th wedding anniversary, and I couldn’t be happier with them. They are my favorite photos of us of all time, far better than even our wedding photos!”